Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

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Representative Technologies

       Chemistry and Ceramics (Emulsion, Composting, Sludge Digesters)

        Polymer Chemistry, Coatings and Resins

        Edible Oil processing, Fatty Chemicals, Tall Oil Processing

       Terpene Chemical Synthesis and Rosin Processing

        Solid Adsorbent Manufacturing, Ophthalmic Refractors

        Adhesives, Foundry Binders, Friction Materials

       Alloys and Power Metallurgy

        Ceramics (including fluxes for continuous steel casting)

       Synthetic Industrial Diamond preparation

        Fiberglass Molding and Glass manufacturing

       Catalytic Organic Synthesis

        Antennas, Optics, Electronics

       Cryogenics, Nuclear reactors

Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and medical devices

        Biochemistry (including vaccine & therapeutics preparation)

        Isotopic and Non-Isotopic Immunoassay Technology

        Cancer Surgery, Adoptive Cellular Therapy, Lymphocyte Identification

       Biosensors/Catalysts, Medical Instrumentation

        Nutraceutical and Natraceutical preparations